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after-gym massager

No more worrying about booking expensive massage sessions. The Rehabgun is used by pro athletes to

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Ashantiga A.

I took it to training camp and all my friends couldn’t stop begging to use it after training I had to hide it I was scared they will break it


Callum M

This is been a life saver after long days I come back float the rehabgun all over my body and I feel like a new person”Just floating this over my quads and I was like wow this is going to be a game changer I use it frequently for any type of pain or discomfort.


Lubomba. M

Well designed get rids of knots and muscle pain five different heads for different muscle groups after my weightlifting session compact case so I can carry with me everywhere I go


Brandon W

The rehabgun is quality I have in my training back use it everyday to loosen my muscles before jumping onto the pitch and after session to relieve muscle soreness


Leah. G

The better your recovery the better your performance @rehabgun is key in helping me recover in between my sessions


Aidan B

This an amazing product especially for me as a footballer after long training sessions I can have a massage at home and really target those areas I need muscle to ease pain

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