Really important to recover after a hardwork out the rehabgun helps me stay consistent with my performance

Ashantiga A.

I took it to training camp and all my friends couldn’t stop begging to use it after training I had to hide it I was scared they will break it

Ashley A

It feels so good I cant put it down really get rids of any tightness or knots amazing product

Samantha B

The rehabgun is literally been saving my quads I honestly love it

Brandon W

The rehabgun is quality I have in my training back use it everyday to loosen my muscles before jumping onto the pitch and after session to relieve muscle soreness

Ana Hurst

I love it so good it really helps me relive tension in my neck and shoulders


Greatly helped me to loosen tight muscles before and after workouts super simple to use and I can get a massage any day

Callum M

This is been a life saver after long days I come back float the rehabgun all over my body and I feel like a new person”Just floating this over my quads and I was like wow this is going to be a game changer I use it frequently for any type of pain or discomfort.


The best gift I have received so far this year

Liv cookefs

Its bloody incredible loving it helps me deal with doms after long training sessions


Amazing product far superior to all the other brands out there made a big impact to my recovery after training

Lubomba. M

Well designed get rids of knots and muscle pain five different heads for different muscle groups after my weightlifting session compact case so I can carry with me everywhere I go

Leah. G

The better your recovery the better your performance @rehabgun is key in helping me recover in between my sessions

Richard. D

Amazing recovery tool made a huge impact to my training now a must after every session

Aidan B

This an amazing product especially for me as a footballer after long training sessions I can have a massage at home and really target those areas I need muscle to ease pain

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